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Derech Etz Chaim in Top Spot, Vikings Win Thriller

By Zak Lenik

The penultimate week of the regular season in the FM Home Loans Israel Basketball League did not disappoint. The final undefeated team joined the rest of the league in the category of mortal. Every game had big playoff implications, as teams start to pick it up heading into the postseason.

YLP Shaya vs. Samet Team

YLP Shaya matched up with Samet Team to kick off week 11 and they took it to their opponent, winning 61-46. Benji Dan had a breakout game, dropping 22 to lead all scorers. YLP Shaya took the lead early on and never looked back, starting off the game pushing the ball, and keeping up the pace throughout.

Derech Etz Chaim vs. Bmoney Cards

DEC played B-Money Cards in a matchup that was live streamed and heard 'round the league. It was a battle throughout. B-Money jumped out to a quick 7 point lead, with some fast break points and hot shooting. DEC responded in kind with a run, taking the lead. The game went back and forth never breaking from more than a 5 point differential, until the last few minutes. DEC had some clutch fast break points at the end of the game and pulled away winning 66-56. Zevi Samet led all scorers with 24, Hami Alexander had a formidable 21. For B-Money, Spencer Rubenstein had 20 and Jason Zucker cleaned up the glass and notched 19 points.

The Vikings vs. Aish Heat

The Vikings battled the Aish Heat in an aptly heated game. The Vikings came in confident, but were met with a tough resistance, as the Aish Heat gave a stellar effort. Avery Stepner led the way for the Heat with 15, sinking some deep range buckets. The Vikings, albeit facing some adversity, were able to overcome the Heat by one in a thriller 54-53. The Vikings were led by Zevi Lawrence with a highly efficient 20 points.

Symphony Care Network vs. Imrei Binah

Symphony Care Network took on Imrei Binah, and took them down, 59-48. Symphony Care had a comfortable lead most of the game staying on top. Imrei showed some impressive shooting from beyond the ark, but Symphony Care proved too much. Yisroel Wasser led all scorers with 21, and Yosed Sandler led Imrei with 16.

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