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Big Win For The Towne Group to start off The Week

FM Home Loans Israel Softball League

By Victor Vernick

Sunday night’s game between the Hebrew Nationals and the Towne Group remained quite close and competitive. Heading into the sixth inning, the score was 11-10 with the Towne Group in the lead making it anyone’s game. Not only did they hold on to their lead, but capitalized on it by scoring an unbelievable 12 runs in the last inning alone.

Those who contributed to the final score of 23-15 included Ozzy Fisher’s 5 double hits and Shua Goldner’s deep hits into the outfield. Captain Aaron Elbogen had some base hits as well making it very difficult for the Hebrew Nationals to keep up.

In addition, the team maintained their lead by demonstrating solid defensive and pitching skills. At the mound, Pinny Levine’s pitches brought the heat only allowing the Hebrew Nationals to score 4 runs in the last inning. Aaron Elbogen prevented the Hebrew Nationals from scoring runs with some “web gems” at third base.

With the playoffs right around the corner, it’s crucial to make a continuous strong stance in the league. This impressive win keeps the Towne Group in the top of the standings with a 5-1 record. However, they still must watch out for Fasten Halbishtam who has a spotless, 5-0 record. Stay tuned for the outcome of today’s game in which Mikdash Melech and Minkoff Enterprises will face off!

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